COMMENTS: Here’s what backers have to say

  1. A very bold and exicting initiative taken up by a bunch of passionate lads. Excellent concept. Making planning so much easier. Will definitely be a success.

  2. A year ago I tried to plan a solo trip to Himachal myself and failed miserably at it! So happy and excited to have Tripeasel help me out by providing me a professionally guided, expert way to do what I love! Such a super concept by such a super team!

  3. Wow !! this is going to bring a new era in the travel industry. This company is going to change the complete business model for travel industries.
    What an amazing concept.

  4. Great idea that will help amateur travelers like me. Very well designed and intuitive website. Looking forward to booking my first trip with Tripeasel in 2016.

  5. I’m really looking forward to my first trip next year (which also will happen to be my honeymoon!!). Atleast, in my case, with both spouses leading busy careers and yet seeking well planned vacations, this is awesome investment from our perspective.

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