We know what it’s like to plan a vacation, down to every little detail. That’s why we’ve harnessed the collective intelligence of some of the most dedicated travellers around the world. And we’re happy to put YOU in touch with THEM.

We started Tripeasel with the intention of meeting all your travel needs with the highest precision, in-depth knowledge and the best value. To do this, we sought out the best, award-winning destination experts and collaborated some of the largest travel distribution networks. The result? Curated, off-the-beaten-track experiences at a comfortable cost. Unlike any holiday planner or travel agent you’ve interacted with in the past.

What is Tripeasel?

Whether or not you have a destination in mind, we’ll connect you with a travel expert based on your personality, interests and travel preferences. Think of this person as a Trip Consultant, making recommendations for hotels, unique attractions, places of interest & rare experiences from their own journeys in that destination, and all within your travel budget. You won't find insider tips like these in your average travel book or guide. Should you choose to book your holiday through us, you can be assured of the most competitive prices and the highest degree of service, regardless of the kind of travel - as a backpacker, a solo traveller, or the kind that likes a splurge. Rest assured, you and your trip are in good hands.

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Meet the Team

Sreekanth Dayanidhi

Founder & CEO


A Serial Entrepreneur and a transplant from Silicon Valley with rich experience in raising venture funding, Sreekanth comes with a wealth of experience in the tech world. With a Masters’ degree in Robotics from Santa Clara University and years of work experience in high growth companies like Neato Robotics and Sonic Mfg, Sreekanth brings to the table innovative ideas to grow the business and is the lead strategist and mastermind at Tripeasel. When not working, Sree loves listening to audiobooks, music and watching biographical movies

Dilip Lilaramani

Co-Founder & CTO


Dilip leads the technology and product development at Tripeasel. He was a software engineer at Verizon in Boston (MA) after which he co-founded travel startup in India. With more than 10 years of experience in building products for startups. He has worked on various tech platforms like iOS, Android, RoR, NodeJS, Python and passionate about Machine Learning/Deep Learning/AI. Dilip is a highly motivating team player and collaborator and a true role model for budding entrepreneurs.

Seema Mardi

Director of Luxury Travel


Seema is a carefree and a wannabe vagabond, very passionate about visiting new places all around the world. After her Masters in Chemical Engineering, and a few years in a 9-5 job, she decided to move out of her home in the UK and pursue something more challenging - yet fun! She found a match, her ideal workplace, at Tripeasel. In her spare time she enjoys reading and learning a new language

Ritesh Singh



Ritesh, a well-rounded computer science graduate joined Tripeasel at an opportune moment. After graduation Ritesh formed a startup travel company, ToursAdda, where he realised his passion for marketing and since then he has been looking for diverse marketing roles. Ritesh is an avid follower of Basketball and Tennis. In his spare time he also likes to participate in social activities with friends and they always involve food!

Teja Kadali

Web Developer & UI Designer


Tripeasel’s tech newbie, soft spoken and easygoing, Teja is eager to learn and expand his career horizon. His passion for UI/UX Design and front-end web development is unrivalled, and his insatiable hunger to learn various different technical skills makes him a brilliant addition to the Tripeasel team. Teja loves hanging out with friends, bike riding and enjoys going to long rides alone.

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Tripeasel Blog

Many trails converge here. Trails created by the stories of some of the boldest travellers. They’re anecdotes of discovery, tales of adventure and instances of realization. The Tripeasel Blog captures the best from our extensive network of experts, from their mouths, in their words. Browse through the articles at your leisure, and you might learn something new about places you already know or find your next destination!