About Us

About Tripeasel

Ever wanted to plan a vacation but didn’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. Tripeasel is a platform that connects prospective travelers with expert travel bloggers and destination travel agents.

We started Tripeasel to create highly personalised and affordable vacations for everyone. We do this with the help of our award-winning team of bloggers who have explored countless exotic beaches, tiny alleyways and mountainous terrains all over the world. Once you approve your itinerary, we then hook you up with our destination travel agents who bid to offer you the best prices as well as ensuring world class service . A vacation planned on Tripeasel will offer inspiring and life-enriching experiences. So pick a destination, reach out to a blogger and get talking. We’ll handle the rest.

Why plan with Tripeasel?

We match you with a travel blogger based on your personality, interests and travel preferences. The travel blogger will be your pathfinder and will plan the perfect itinerary as well as recommend hotels and restaurants based on first hand experience. Talk to them about your holiday and you’ll see why our customers keep coming back - and bring their friends.

Why book with Tripeasel?

Once you plan your trip, booking with Tripeasel is optional. If you choose to book with us, not only do you get the best prices but also the highest quality of service. All our local travel agents from the destinations you choose will bid to give you the most cost-effective tour. Tripeasel's travel agents are industry biggies and have been in the travel space for over 10 years. They will take care of you from start to finish.

The Team

Sreekanth Dayanidhi

Founder & CEO

A Serial Entrepreneur and a transplant from Silicon Valley with rich experience in raising venture funding, Sreekanth comes with a wealth of experience in the tech world. With a Masters’ degree in Robotics from Santa Clara University and years of work experience in high growth companies like Neato Robotics and Sonic Mfg, Sreekanth brings to the table innovative ideas to grow the business and is the lead strategist and mastermind at Tripeasel. When not working, Sree loves listening to audiobooks, music and watching biographical movies.

Suman Sukumar

Co-Founder & COO

Having spent 5 years playing diverse roles in the tourism industry, Suman comes to Tripeasel with a wide array of expertise. At the age of 18, he quit formal education to follow his passion for travel and photography. Over the past four years he has worked with top travel companies like OneLife Travel Concepts and Toehold Travel and Photography. Having travelled the length and breadth of India, Suman brings in a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the tourism space. When not working, Suman loves going on road trips, attending music gigs and watching football.

Shyam Athreye

Co-Founder & CMO

Self-made growth hacker who has savant-like abilities in using technology to solve problems. He comes with an engineering degree and has been an entrepreneur for a travel start-up prior to Tripeasel. A multi-faceted person, Shyam is an expert in a wide array of fields ranging from technical development and marketing to sales. Being an avid Traveller himself, Tripeasel forms the bridge between his love for travel and passion for technology. In his personal life, Shyam loves traveling, playing the guitar and swimming.

Dilip Lilaramani

Co-Founder & CTO

With more than 6 years of experience in iOS, Android and web development, Dilip has developed several enterprise apps for large MNC’s. As a freelancer, he has developed over 20 consumer applications, and is extremely passionate about innovation & technology. Dilip is a highly motivating team player and collaborator and a true role model for budding entrepreneurs.

Deepak Kadadi

Director & CPO

An accomplished Human resources professional with over 12 plus years with diverse experience in people management like CRM, PR, Employee relations and Business partner HR which involved defining, driving and implementing the HR Strategy for business effectiveness. Worked extensively on ideating and implementation of various initiatives of the employee life cycle that includes Talent and Retention Management, Career Planning and People development, C&B strategy, PMS, implementation & optimization, Driving HR effectiveness, Climate Assessment and Interventions with an expertise in Business Partner streams.

Nivedith Gajapathy

Social Media Strategist

Nivedith enjoys blogging about Travel, Food, Technology and Lifestyle. He has worked on Social Media campaigns of over 200 brands like iPhone 6, Lenovo, PEPSI and Samsung. He is a complete Social Media maverick and one of the leading Social Media strategists from India.