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Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers run the travel blog, Adventure in you. They met one fateful day in Vietnam and have been together ever since. Brought together by their love for silly dance moves, good food, and discovering new cultures, they’re on a mission to go have as many adventures around the world as they possibly can. Follow their journey on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Kim-Ling and Guy love travelling almost as much as they love each other. After spending 8 months living in Spain and cementing their status as hispanophiles, they hope to return there more permanently, whilst visiting as many countries as they can in between. Having travelled through Europe, Australia, USA and parts of Asia, they love sharing their passion for travel and adventure with others.

Asa is an Icelandic travel blogger en route Asia the past year and loving it! Her passion for travelling runs deep and seems to be growing for every new country visited :) She truly enjoys the art of slooow travelling and emphasize on unspoilt, sometimes odd, but less visited destinations. Her expertise lies in budget travelling through Europe and Asia, including the Middle East. She started blogging to share her love for travelling and hope to inspire others to hit the road and have fun!


United States

Authentic Travel through 95 Countries: Danced with Corpses in Africa, Hitchhiked Saudi Arabia, Lived with Sea Gypsies, Tattoos Hammered-in by Headhunters...



Michelle and Nikki are a couple from Malta struck by wanderlust and curiosity. A pharmacist and a mechanical engineer, they have travelled to over 60 countries on five continents, and have recently traded their full time jobs for an indefinite trip around the world.



I’m Sonal – a travel blogger from India. I have the heart of a hippie and the soul of a gypsy. My aim is to inspire people to travel more with my travel stories, photos and videos. I blog about my journey on, which is is one of the top travel blogs from India and is about my crazy life as I travel around the world in search of adventure with my husband (who I met while traveling) and our beloved GoPro and tent. Our travel style is a mix of adventure, learning about cultures, or enjoying some of the best underground parties. Our motto is to “travel like a happy hippie” and we love spreading happiness where we go.



Always searching for adventure and off-the-beaten-track experiences, Thomas & Myrthe from Nomada How Far are pursuing their dream of seeing the world with their own eyes. Not knowing where to end up next week and traveling without a fixed schedule gives them the ultimate freedom. This young Belgian couple is currently traveling around Australia in a converted van on a budget. They don't consider budget travel as a limit but more as a freedom to get the most out of local experiences.


United States

Nimble Adventures was started in 2012 as a way to share and inspire others to explore the world. Our speciality is optimizing a limited vacation schedule with maximum fun. Let's face it - most of us have day jobs and need to take advantage of all our vacation days and long weekends! Melanie, the owner and founder of Nimble Adventures, has traveled to 54 countries on 6 continents and is excited to help others realize the possibility of nimble travels!


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Tommygoround is an adventurous traveler that has been around the world visiting over 30 countries. His tales of befriending locals and travelers worldwide, falling in love, epic motorbike road trips, eating strange foods, playing music on islands, and spontaneous experiences serve to inspire others to follow their dreams and to travel. When it comes to traveling, his motto is "Just Say Yes!"


United Kingdom

Writer and photographer. Adventurer and vagabond. Master of the handstand pushup. Conqueror of mountains, survivor of deserts and crusader for cheap escapades. Will is currently hitchhiking from England to Papau New Guinea, a journey which will take over 18 months.



A co-creator of #ljojlo - The Traveller's Guide, Lauren has aspirations to travel worldwide. She has travelled to 27 countries since the age of 18, but still has free passport pages for the world is to be seen. This Aussie girl wishes to share her travels with you, via her blog or through planning a trip for you.

Will is a travel blogger writing for Going Awesome Places. Since quitting his consulting job in 2012 he's been travelling the world and along the way writing about his epic adventures and taking amazing photos. His true passion lies in telling stories, inspiring others to travel, writing detailed trip itineraries for others to follow and providing helpful tips and tricks to travel better.



Megan is an Australian Journalist, and the founder and Senior Editor of Mapping Megan – an award-winning adventure travel blog bringing you the latest in adventure travel from all over the globe.

Shripathi Hadigal is a mechanical and space instrumentation engineer turned travel photographer with a genuine passion in creating meaningful traveling experiences to himself and everyone around. He has his roots in the hearts of the Western Ghats of India, which naturally provided a great foundation for his love of outdoor adventures. He has the B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (NITK), and the Masters in Space Technology from the International Space University, Strasbourg, France. Studying abroad provided him first of the opportunities to travel around Europe; and to capture the quintessential beauty of the planet in her pure essence. After that he had trysts with documentary photography at Selco India, telescopic payload engineer at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore, lead of video production team at Center for System Design labs at NITK, and selected for four consecutive years to join the amazing academic and media coordination team at the Space Studies Program in France, Canada, US and Australia from 2013 to 2016 respectively. Journeying across breathtaking places in India, and stunning landscapes and nightscapes of more than 25 countries all across the globe, he has gathered incredible experiences that have certainly transformed him into a seasoned traveler and an avid explorer. Meanwhile, he has also co-founded a venture named ‘Click & Cherish’, a venture that takes up professional assignments in photography to let him keep up with the passion of image making when he is not traveling elsewhere. Shripathi Hadigal’s travel photography work can be seen at: