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Asa is an Icelandic travel blogger en route Asia the past year and loving it! Her passion for travelling runs deep and seems to be growing for every new country visited :) She truly enjoys the art of slooow travelling and emphasize on unspoilt, sometimes odd, but less visited destinations. Her expertise lies in budget travelling through Europe and Asia, including the Middle East. She started blogging to share her love for travelling and hope to inspire others to hit the road and have fun!



Megan is an Australian Journalist, and the founder and Senior Editor of Mapping Megan – an award-winning adventure travel blog bringing you the latest in adventure travel from all over the globe.



I'm a full time blogger and communications professional. I’m currently back in my home country of Canada, after being away for two years. Where was I? I was living abroad in South Korea teaching English. I love going on adventures and playing tourist in the big city. But don't get me wrong, I love me a good beach where I can relax and take in the breathtaking sunsets. I share my travel experiences on my blog, Expat and the City. I want everyone to be inspired to live out their wildest travel dreams. So let me help plan your next adventure! Happy travels!

Jen Joslin has been traveling in Cambodia since 2009 and living full time in Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, since 2015. She has been all around the country, and has done a range of things, from off the beaten track adventures to luxury experiences. Jen and her partner Stevo run the blog, about travel in Cambodia and around Asia.

Will is a travel blogger writing for Going Awesome Places. Since quitting his consulting job in 2012 he's been travelling the world and along the way writing about his epic adventures and taking amazing photos. His true passion lies in telling stories, inspiring others to travel, writing detailed trip itineraries for others to follow and providing helpful tips and tricks to travel better.



Monique & Dylan aka the nomad Honeymoon Backpackers have been gallivanting around the world for over a year. They've witnessed the northern lights in Canada, surfed with dolphins in Australia, swam with whale sharks in the Philippines, bathed elephants in Thailand, sand boarded down a volcano in Nicaragua, bungee jumped 147m in Costa Rica, worked at Disneyworld in America, been stung by a stingray, scuba dived the Caribbean, snow boarded Canada’s Rocky Mountains & found the Moken Sea Gypsies in Myanmar!

Kim-Ling and Guy love travelling almost as much as they love each other. After spending 8 months living in Spain and cementing their status as hispanophiles, they hope to return there more permanently, whilst visiting as many countries as they can in between. Having travelled through Europe, Australia, USA and parts of Asia, they love sharing their passion for travel and adventure with others.


United Kingdom

Writer and photographer. Adventurer and vagabond. Master of the handstand pushup. Conqueror of mountains, survivor of deserts and crusader for cheap escapades. Will is currently hitchhiking from England to Papau New Guinea, a journey which will take over 18 months.


Chiang Mai Thailand

Alice Teacake is a British chick travelling solo around Asia for as long as she can get away with it. It's been five years so far and she's still rocking! Encouraging women to 'go for it' and step outside of their comfort zone, Alice hopes that women will realise their strengths and reach their full potential through travel. You can usually find Alice on her motorbike, pushing her personal limits by exploring unknown places in the mountains, hiking, diving and interacting with magical cultures.


United States

Nimble Adventures was started in 2012 as a way to share and inspire others to explore the world. Our speciality is optimizing a limited vacation schedule with maximum fun. Let's face it - most of us have day jobs and need to take advantage of all our vacation days and long weekends! Melanie, the owner and founder of Nimble Adventures, has traveled to 54 countries on 6 continents and is excited to help others realize the possibility of nimble travels!

Lara has spent her life trying to squeeze a fabulous adventure from the everyday. From diving with sharks in the Philippines to frolicking with Elephants in Thailand she always finds a way to enjoy a certain level of luxury while immersing herself in local culture and cuisine- searching out the amazing, beautiful... and delicious... wherever she goes. Currently living in South Korea, Lara is either writing and reminiscing about her most recent trip, or planning her next...


United States

Authentic Travel through 95 Countries: Danced with Corpses in Africa, Hitchhiked Saudi Arabia, Lived with Sea Gypsies, Tattoos Hammered-in by Headhunters...