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Nimble Adventures was started in 2012 as a way to share and inspire others to explore the world. Our speciality is optimizing a limited vacation schedule with maximum fun. Let's face it - most of us have day jobs and need to take advantage of all our vacation days and long weekends! Melanie, the owner and founder of Nimble Adventures, has traveled to 54 countries on 6 continents and is excited to help others realize the possibility of nimble travels!


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Authentic Travel through 95 Countries: Danced with Corpses in Africa, Hitchhiked Saudi Arabia, Lived with Sea Gypsies, Tattoos Hammered-in by Headhunters...

Janey Mae is an avid thrill seeker, mountain lover and adventure addict. Finds travel inspiration through the slightly small obsession with David Attenborough and National Geographic. Just returned back to Scotland after two years of travelling all over the world, this spontaneous vagabond has temporary homes but permanent friends all over the world. Little Wanderlust Stories was started to document the stories of adventure along the way. With a history of trip planning for both luxury and backpackers, your trip is in good hands! FYI she may excitedly combust over wildlife (in the wild), adrenaline activities, wilderness, off the grid hikes and crazy scary mountains.



Hi we are Kate & Mark creators of Vagrants of the World Travel. Full-time international travellers, photographers and travel bloggers. We are Vagrants of the World. With over 55 countries already under our belts, the past 3 years has seen us slow down a little and experience more of each destination.  Our main mode of travel is international housesitting so when we talk about having lived in a place, this means we have house sat there for a month or more. We have house sat across two continents in eight different countries. Many of these destinations we will have visited numerous times.  When we are not house sitting, we usually choose to stay in one place long term to give us the best experience possible.  Our slower mode of travel means we will often know more about a destination than just the must sees. We get to know a place from a local perspective by experiencing the day to day life. By living local, we have discovered some unique local tips and knowledge on the best things to do, see and enjoy. This means a much more authentic and often a far more affordable experience.  Through the local contacts we have made and our first-hand experiences, we can share advice to make your trips as affordable and truly enjoyable as possible. Hopefully giving you the insight to create a unique and authentic experience and even venture a little off the tourist trail. We look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your next dream vacation.